The brain is constantly using electricity to communicate between the cells in it called neurons. These electrical signals and activity are measured and detected as waves. These waves, or electrical activity shift as it processes information, experiences, and feelings. You don’t have 100% control over these waves, however, you can influence different wave patterns to occur. There are 5 main brain wave patterns. 

Delta Waves are the slowest type and happen in a dreamless sleep. Theta Waves happen when you are sleeping lightly or extremely relaxed. Alpha Waves fall in the middle and you produce these when you are not focused on anything particular. These are present when you are feeling relatively calm and relaxed. Beta Waves are present when you are awake, alert, and focused. You are making decisions. Lastly, Gamma Waves are present when learning, concentrating, solving problems and processing information. Gamma Waves are also the fastest type of brain wave. 

Alpha Stim, a device that helps the brain stimulate Alpha Waves, has been FDA cleared to treat Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, and Pain. The Alpha Stim Aid device is small and mobile. It can be used at home when taking care of chores and tasks or when you are at work. The cranial electric stimulation is done by clipping the alpha stim on the ear lobes and letting the unit stimulate the brain via microcurrent. Over 100 plus studies have shown Alpha Stim to be effective with treating insomnia, depression, pain and anxiety. 

In today’s environment we are often over stimulated between social media, news, games, electronic devices, and if you have children it is easy to be overwhelmed by their needs from diaper changes and feedings to sports and school activites. Often we do not give ourselves time to calm down, slow down, and take a break. You may notice as well, that taking a break only leaves you worrying about what you have to do next and what little time you have to do that in. These Gamma brain waves are dominating the brain at this point.

Alpha Stim treatment can be done in as little as a 20 minutes. It can also be used for hours in the case of someone suffering from anxiety. Alpha Stim recommends using the device within 3 hours before bed when using the device for insomnia. Bringing the brain into a higher alpha waves concentration is what provides this. Alpha stim does not make you drowsy, but shifts the dominant brain waves putting your body into a more calm state making it ready for sleep.

If Alpha Stim sounds like a device that could make a difference for you with Insomnia, Anxiety, or Depression consider a Free Consultation by filling out this form below or you can also call 801-701-8222 or visit our website to set up an appointment at any of our 4 locations located in West Valley, American Fork, Provo, and Spanish Fork.

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