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Dr. Adam Anderson


We have been voted Daily Heralds’ Readers Choice, Best of State, and Best of Utah Valley Magazine many times over the last 12 years.

Who is Dr. Adam Anderson

Dr. Adam Anderson stands out not only for his exceptional skill and dedication but also for his vibrant spirit and passion for adventure. A proud alumnus of Logan College of Chiropractic, where he graduated in 2007, Dr. Anderson has since dedicated his career to aiding those who have suffered injuries from car accidents. His work is not just about adjustments and alignments; it’s about restoring hope, function, and joy to the lives of his patients.

At Axcess Accident Center, Dr. Anderson is known for his meticulous approach and deep commitment to personalized care. He understands that every patient’s journey towards recovery is unique and requires a tailored approach. This understanding, combined with his extensive knowledge and experience, enables him to provide the highest level of care. Dr. Anderson takes great satisfaction in witnessing the transformation of his patients, helping them move from pain and limitation to a state of wellness and activity.

Away from the clinic, Dr. Anderson’s life is filled with adventure and the great outdoors. Whether he’s gliding across the ice playing hockey, snowmobiling through winter landscapes, boating on a sunlit lake, or revving up his motorcycle for a ride, he finds joy and rejuvenation in these activities. His love for nature is profound, with a particular fondness for spending time in a cabin by the lake, where he feels most at peace.

Family is at the heart of Dr. Anderson’s world. He and his wife, Aime, are the proud parents of two boys, Wyatt and Talmage, and a daughter, Tenley. Together, they share in Dr. Anderson’s adventurous spirit, embracing life with energy and enthusiasm. Their shared experiences, from outdoor adventures to simple moments of family togetherness, are the foundation of Dr. Anderson’s happiness and inspiration. Dr. Adam Anderson embodies the spirit of a true healer and adventurer. His dedication to his patients at Axcess Accident Center, combined with his love for his family and the great outdoors, paints the picture of a man committed to enriching lives—both within the walls of his practice and beyond. As he continues to make a difference in the lives of those recovering from car accidents, his journey is a testament to the power of healing hands and a heart full of passion for life.

“”At Axcess Accident Center, I’m deeply passionate about leveraging my expertise in chiropractic care to help those injured in car accidents find their path back to health and vitality. It’s incredibly fulfilling to assist in the recovery process, ensuring each patient can return to their daily lives stronger and without pain.”

Dr. Adam Anderson

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I feel so amazing after visiting Axcess and so does my son (11 years old). I have visited weekly for whiplash, concussion, a sprained shoulder and sore joints. I highly recommend this place for recovery. My son and I have received multiple treatments and different modalities and it has made a world of difference for us. My daughter comes here for wellness and receives adjustments and massages and she loves it. My older son has come for wellness reasons and enjoys it very much. They are both adults. I love the staff and the doctors – they are so kind and caring. They’re compassionate and full of patience, which I appreciated so much with a head trauma, I needed extra care to process and understand. I also think they are personable and even funny in a light hearted way which really alleviated stress and emotional pressure. They are honest and willing to assist in an efficient way in the healing process. I’m so grateful for their care, their kindness, and their healing techniques!

B. Pageantry

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