Understanding Ankle Pain After a Car Accident & How Chiropractic Care Can Help

Common Types and Causes of Ankle Pain

Ankles are one of the most durable joints in your body because they carry the weight of your body and they also utilize a wide range of motion, particularly when you walk, jog, or run. When an ankle injury happens or you experience ankle pain it can be caused by a variety of things including:

  • Tendinitis
  • A Bone Fracture
  • Broken Ankle
  • Tendon Rupture
  • Arthritis
  • Sprains or Strains

Because the ankle is designed to absorb the majority of energy and motion in the body, it is a very common part of the body to experience pain. Also because of the nature of ankle pain, any implication of discomfort or tension should be evaluated by a chiropractor trained in understanding complex structures of bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles in the ankle.

If your ankle is injured in a car accident, often times we will use diagnostic imaging such as X-rays or MRI’s to see the full extent of your injuries. This will help us to address the cause of your pain and empower you to have the best recovery possible.

How Can Ankle Pain Affect Your Life? 

Short Term Impact of Ankle Pain

Short term ankle pain can cause you to slow down from your regular activities, limit your ability to participate in exercise or sports, and can overall just be annoying. While some short term pain can be treated at home through rest, compression, elevation, and ice. If you are having pain longer than a few days we encourage you to get it evaluated by one of our Axcess chiropractors. 

Long Term Impact of Ankle Pain

When you experience ankle pain or swelling for a long time it can significantly impact your quality of life. Long term ankle pain can also be an indication of a more severe injury. When there are bones that are out of alignment for extended periods of time it can put unnecessary stress and tension on surrounding connective tissues, and nerves. Long periods of pain can also lead to a higher risk of developing diseases, and chronic ankle pain. 

Lasting Relief From Pain or Discomfort

Chiropractic Care Focused on Bringing You Lasting Relief from Ankle Pain

Oftentimes, when you injure your ankle, swelling is a sign of a deeper problem. So if it has been 2-3 days and it is still swollen, it is best to have it examined by a qualified chiropractor.

In chiropractic treatments for ankle pain, we will ensure that your ankle bones, joints, tendons,  are aligned to reduce tension and pain, along with inflammation on any strained tissues.

When treating ankle pain our goal is to address the root cause so that we can not only relieve your pain but heal the cause of the pain bringing you full relief and support for the best recovery possible. We will also focus on increasing range of motion so that your ankle can work properly as you walk, jog, run or move.

Through quality chiropractic care, our team can help your ankle feel better. We will do everything we can and are trained to do to resolve your pain and help you gain mobility in your ankle. With severe ankle injuries, chiropractic care may not be enough, and we will always be sure to refer you to a certified and trustworthy specialist who can help you make a full recovery.

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What We Include in Our Chiropractic Treatment Plan to Help Reduce Ankle Pain

We create a unique treatment plan focused on your needs to empower you during your recovery. Your treatment plan might include:

Diagnostic Imaging


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Why See an Axcess Chiropractor for Ankle Pain After Car Accident? 

Each and every patient has their own treatment plan. Over a period of a few months, you will have the support and care you need to get better. During the first visit of your treatment, we will complete a medical evaluation so that we can give you specific recommendations to help you know what to do to get better. We promise you that we will help you until you are feeling better and your ankle pain is addressed. 

Overall, we have seen thousands of patients use our effective integrative approach to treat ankle pain after a car accident. We have also seen that our patients experience faster recovery and sustained reduction of pain when they follow our treatment plan, and they complete the healing process. 

To see how chiropractic care can help you after a strain or strain causing ankle pain. Don’t hesitate to contact Axcess Accident Center at any of our Utah locations! 

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No matter the location, each and every member of our team cares about you and your experience. We ask questions and listen to your answers so that we can be sure that your needs are being met. Our number one priority is that you get the care you need, so that you can overcome any pain or discomfort after an accident or injury.

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