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Dr. Steve Baker


We have been voted Daily Heralds’ Readers Choice, Best of State, and Best of Utah Valley Magazine many times over the last 12 years.

Who is Dr. Steve Baker

Dr. Steve Baker is not just any chiropractor; he’s a beacon of hope and healing for those who’ve encountered the misfortune of car accidents. With a rich family heritage deeply rooted in chiropractic care, his journey into the world of holistic healing was almost written in the stars. Graduating from Logan College of Chiropractic in 2007, Dr. Baker brought with him not only a degree but a profound passion for making a tangible difference in people’s lives.

What truly sets Dr. Baker apart is his genuine joy in seeing the immediate impact of his work. The moment a patient realizes that their pain can be alleviated is a moment of pure satisfaction and surprise, both for them and for Dr. Baker. It’s this ability to provide quick relief and guide patients towards a pain-free life that fuels his daily enthusiasm for his work. Away from the chiropractic table, Dr. Baker finds his escape on the ice, playing defense for his hockey team, the Fainting Goats. This hobby is more than just a pastime; it’s a testament to his belief in staying active and embracing team spirit. His personal life is just as rich and fulfilling, shared with his wife Miranda and their four vibrant children. Together, they form an adventurous squad, with cruising and Disney trips topping the list of their favorite family escapades.

Dr. Baker’s affinity for chiropractic care is more than a career; it’s a legacy. Growing up in a family where both parents, a grandparent, and a sibling are all chiropractors, he was immersed in the principles of chiropractic from a young age. This upbringing not only provided him with a unique perspective on health and wellness but also instilled in him a deep understanding of the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

At Axcess Accident Center, Dr. Baker has found a professional home where his skills and compassionate approach to patient care are not just appreciated but celebrated. Here, he thrives, contributing to a community of chiropractors who share his commitment to restoring health and vitality to those affected by car accidents. His work is a blend of science, art, and empathy, making every recovery a shared victory.

In essence, Dr. Steve Baker embodies the heart of chiropractic care. His life, both inside and outside the clinic, is a vivid illustration of balance, dedication, and joy. Whether he’s aligning spines or cheering on his children at a Disney parade, he does it all with a smile, making the world a better place one adjustment at a time.

“As part of the team at Axcess Accident Center, I’m deeply committed to helping those injured in car accidents find relief and restoration through chiropractic care. It’s incredibly rewarding to see our patients regain their health and return to their daily activities without the burden of pain. “

Dr. Steve Baker

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I feel so amazing after visiting Axcess and so does my son (11 years old). I have visited weekly for whiplash, concussion, a sprained shoulder and sore joints. I highly recommend this place for recovery. My son and I have received multiple treatments and different modalities and it has made a world of difference for us. My daughter comes here for wellness and receives adjustments and massages and she loves it. My older son has come for wellness reasons and enjoys it very much. They are both adults. I love the staff and the doctors – they are so kind and caring. They’re compassionate and full of patience, which I appreciated so much with a head trauma, I needed extra care to process and understand. I also think they are personable and even funny in a light hearted way which really alleviated stress and emotional pressure. They are honest and willing to assist in an efficient way in the healing process. I’m so grateful for their care, their kindness, and their healing techniques!

B. Pageantry

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