Still, wondering what to do after your auto accident? Do you have questions on how will it all work? Who will pay? What if it was 2 months ago or only 2 days ago?

Being in an auto accident can be confusing, frustrating, and tiresome. Many people after a car accident think that time will make things better. It can be said that time will heal all wounds, but in the case of auto accident injuries suffered in a car accident…this thought may not be accurate.

Many injuries from an accident include whiplash, headaches, pain in the back and neck, fatigue, and pain in the ankles and wrists. This pain may go away, but without proper treatment, a person only sets themselves up for chronic pain and problems.

Studies have shown that 2 years after a car accident people start to notice chronic pain and at that time the insurance companies are much less willing to take responsibility for the injuries you received and you will likely pay for treatment out of your own pocket.

Get Treated Now for Nothing Out of Pocket

In Utah. there is PIP, personal injury protection, built into each auto policy that is purchased. The minimum auto insurance PIP coverage in Utah is $3000.

This can go a long way if utilized carefully or can be eaten up by an ambulance ride, CT scan, and ER visit. Being in an auto accident is something that is never planned for. This is why we promise if you come to one of our Axcess Accident Centers that you will not pay for your auto accident treatment out of your pocket.

PIP coverage will cover your treatment or the at fault parties insurance. We can help guide you through that process and help you with your auto accident injuries. We have specialized in this field for 19 years and have we have helped thousands of patients recover and feel better after an accident.

We have locations currently in West Valley City, American Fork, Provo, and Spanish Fork. Any of our locations will work with your auto insurance to help with your recovery after an auto accident. We look forward to serving you. Call us today 801-701-8222 or contact us to get started!

Last Updated: January 2020

Published On: February 21st, 2018 / Categories: Chiropractic Care /

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