Understanding Neck Pain After an Car Accident & How Chiropractic Care Can Help

Axcess Accident Center Can Address Neck Pain

Neck pain, or cervical pain, can be the result of whiplash injuries from typically from a car accident, contact sports, horse riding or bull riding, falls or mountain biking accidents. Neck stiffness, pinched nerves, and herniated discs can come from holding the phone with your neck, sitting for long hours at the computer or even driving for long periods of time.

Muscles in your neck can also be affected by conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis which can result in neck pain from joints, as well as tendonitis, an inflammation of a tendon, most commonly from overuse.

It is common to experience neck pain after an car accident, and it is important that if you have pain you get the treatment you need to prevent chronic symptoms. Neck pain should be taken seriously as it is an indication of an injury, muscle tension or misalignment of your bones or joints.

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How Can Neck Pain Affect Your Life?


Neck, head and shoulder muscles are at the heart of every daily activity. Without the mobility and ease of use of these vital muscles, joints, and ligaments, your most routine activities can be difficult and laborious, decreasing the quality of life you could enjoy. Short-term you may be limited in participating in the activities you love, and it can get annoying if the discomfort doesn’t go away after a few days.


If you are struggling with neck pain for longer than a few days, particularly after a car accident it is very important that you get the right chiropractic treatment you need. In the long run, the sooner you address the pain or discomfort the better chance you have at getting better and overcoming the pain or discomfort.

Chronic neck pain can decrease range of motion and contribute to other symptoms like headaches, and it can be an indication of other soft tissue injuries such as bulging or herniated discs.

Long term neck pain can also limit your ability to have a high quality of life because we rely on our neck’s ability to move and support our head all day, every day.

Our goal at Axcess Accident Center is to reduce the risk of chronic neck pain so that you can do all the activities you need and want too after a car accident.


How Does Chiropractic Care Focused on Your Needs Benefit You?

Chiropractic adjustments and accurate neck manipulation can restore proper blood circulation, relieve your neck pain, increase mobility and range of motion, strengthen neck muscles and restore function to joints, vertebrae, and spine.

Misaligned vertebrae and bone structure will cause your muscles and ligaments to overcompensate for the misalignment. When your neck is out of place it leads to inflammation, pinched nerves, spasms, and painful joints. Misalignment can also increase stiffness in your shoulders and neck bringing additional discomfort and stress to your body.

Through quality chiropractic care, our chiropractic team can realign your neck and spine precisely where there is a problem. An adjustment will put your bones and joints back into place to relieve pain and any discomfort you may be experiencing. The adjustment will also help you to reduce inflammation, reduce stiffness and more.

It is important to treat and restore the vital functions of your neck. When we treat neck pain after a car accident, we ensure that your vertebrae, joints, muscles, and ligaments are all aligned properly to protect your spinal cord.


We Use a Unique Integrative Treatment Plan to Help Reduce Your Neck Pain

Through Chiropractic, Massage, Acupuncture, Decompression therapy, Ozone injections, therapies, and consistent treatment we often find that we can provide a reduction in neck pain. This is available at all four of our locations in Utah. Spanish Fork, Provo, American Fork, and West Valley.

Our treatment plan will be tailred to your conditions and needs. We continue to have great results with our patients as we approach each patient specifically and learn about their health needs. Chiropractic with neck pain has seen great results. Some neck pain, however, can be chronic or caused by disc herniations. At times Chiropractic may not be the answer. We work with other providers as well to have a full approach to neck pain resolution.

How We Will Help Resolve Your Neck Pain After a Car Accident or Injury

Each and every patient has their own treatment plan. Over a period of a few months, you will have the support and care you need to get better. On the first visit of your treatment, if you were injured in a car accident, we will take a MyoVision scan to evaluate your injuries, and then we will give you specific recommendations to help you know what to do to get better. We promise you that we will help you until you are feeling better and your neck pain is addressed.

Overall, we have seen thousands of patients after a car accident use our effective integrative approach to treat neck pain. We have also seen that our patients experience faster recovery and sustained reduction of pain when they follow our treatment plan, and they complete the healing process.

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No matter the location, each and every member of our team cares about you and your experience. We ask questions and listen to your answers so that we can be sure that your needs are being met. Our number one priority is that you get the care you need, so that you can overcome any pain or discomfort after an accident or injury.

Visit us in Spanish Fork, Provo, American Fork, and West Valley City in Utah.

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