Understand Back Pain After a Car Accident & How Chiropractic Care Can Help

Common Types & Causes of back Pain

We Address Lower Back Pain & Upper Back Pain After a Car Accident or Injury

Low back pain is most often caused by injury or from overuse of muscles, ligaments, and joints.

Sports injuries, auto accidents, or other muscle strain injuries can cause your bones and vertebrae in your spine to become misaligned, causing pressure on muscles, joints, and nerves associated with your spinal column.

Overuse, strain or poor posture, like sitting at a computer for long periods of time can cause upper or lower back pain and can contribute to neck pain or shoulder pain.

Often lack of strength in your upper back or repetitive motion can cause muscle irritation bringing joint and muscle inflammation, which only adds to the list of causes of your back pain.

It is common to experience acute back pain after a car accident, and it is important that if you have pain you get the treatment you need to prevent chronic symptoms. Back pain should be taken seriously as it is an indication of a more serious problem or potential injury.

How Can Back Pain Affect Your Life? 

Short Term Impact of Back Pain

Acute back pain is defined as a sudden onset of throbbing, burning, stabbing, or aching to the upper or lower back. Acute back pain can be caused by a muscle strain, an injury, car accident, or a fender bender and lasts anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Back pain may limit your ability to sit or stand for long periods of time. It can also make it hard to participate in routine activities such as exercising, sleeping, working on a computer and more. 

Long Term Impact of back Pain

If you are struggling with any kind of back pain for longer than a few days, particularly after a car accident it is very important that you get the right chiropractic treatment you need. In the long run, the sooner you address the pain or discomfort the better chance you have at getting better.

Chronic back pain can decrease your ability to do all the things you need and want each and every day. Back pain can be debilitating and frustrating because it can take a long time to address symptoms particularly if you have had symptoms for more than a few weeks. Back pain can be an indication of other soft tissue injuries that need to be addressed for you to recover.

Our goal at Axcess Accident Center is to reduce the risk of chronic back pain so that you can do all the activities you need and want too after an auto accident. 

Lasting Relief From Pain or Discomfort

How Does Chiropractic Care Focused on Your Needs Benefit You?

Axcess chiropractors are specifically trained to realign the bones of the spine and vertebrae through manipulation to reduce the pressure put on your nerves and overworked muscles that try to compensate for the misalignment. 

There are many benefits to chiropractic care for back pain, which include: 

  • Experience Less Spinal Pain 
  • Increase Blood Circulation & Tissue Healing 
  • Decrease Muscle & Nerve Inflammation 
  • Decrease Stiffness and Muscle Spasms
  • Strengthen Muscles
  • Reduce Risk for Future Injury or Disease 
  • Natural Pain Reduction 

Through quality chiropractic care, our team can help you feel better. Ultimately, we don’t want to give you temporary relief, we want you to enjoy lasting relief after your car accident or injury.


We have your back, literally

We Use a Unique Integrative Treatment Plan to Help Reduce Your Back Pain

We create a unique treatment plan focused on your needs to empower you during your recovery. Your treatment plan might include:

Decompression Therapy


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Address Your Pain & Enjoy Your Life

How We Will Help Resolve Your Back Pain After a Car Accident or Injury

Each and every patient has their own treatment plan. Over a period of a few months, you will have the support and care you need to get better. On the first visit of your treatment, if you were injured in a car accident, we will take a Myovision scan to evaluate your injuries, and then we will give you specific recommendations to help you know what to do to get better. We promise you that we will help you until you are feeling better and your back pain is addressed. 

Overall, we have seen thousands of patients after a car accident use our effective integrative approach to treat back pain. We have also seen that our patients experience faster recovery and sustained reduction of pain when they follow our treatment plan, and they complete the healing process. 

Find A Chiropractic Location Near You in Utah

No matter the location, each and every member of our team cares about you and your experience. We ask questions and listen to your answers so that we can be sure that your needs are being met. Our number one priority is that you get the care you need, so that you can overcome any pain or discomfort after an accident or injury.

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