Understanding Knee Pain After a Car Accident & How Chiropractic Care Can Help

We Address The Root Cause of Knee Pain

The joint of your knee is an intricate design made up of three bones of the tibia (shin), patella (kneecap) and the femur. A tendon underlies the kneecap to give strength and motion to your knee and cartilage secures the femur to the shin bone. The meniscus cushions the femur and shin (tibia) bones.

All these components work together for your knee to fully function and letting you enjoy full movement for everyday activities. Injuring your knee in a car accidentsports, along with a fall, tear, or another incident that pushes the bone structure out of place can cause the nerves to be affected, and increase inflammation in your connective tissues resulting in severe pain.

Common injuries and conditions associated with the knee that cause pain include:

  • Runner’s knee
  • Bursitis (Housemaid’s knee)
  • Dislocation
  • Meniscus tears
  • MCL/LCL injuries
    • With injuries to the MCL, meniscus, and arthritis, most often you will feel pain on the inside of your knee. LCL injuries, meniscus tears tendonitis and arthritis most often will cause pain on the outside of your knee.
  • Arthritis
  • Tendonitis
  • Baker’s Cyst
    • Any fluid that collects on the back of your knee can cause pain due to a condition called Baker’s Cyst.
  • Painful pops and snaps
  • Kneecap Injury
    • Any pain that can be felt in or on the front of your knee is most likely to be associated with your kneecap or a tendon beneath your kneecap.

Because car accidents, even if it is just a fender bender, involve unexpected trauma, it is not unusual to experience knee pain, because your whole body can be impacted. You can injure your knee in a variety of ways so it is important that if you are experiencing pain that you seek out evaluation and treatment as soon as possible.

How Can Knee Pain Affect Your Life?


In the short-term, knee pain is really an indication that there might be something out of alignment or that there are other problems influencing the way your knee works and functions. Do not ignore the pain or discomfort because addressing pain that has been happening for a short time will help us prevent bigger problems or chronic conditions.

Also, even slight discomfort in your knee should not be ignored. If you are struggling to walk or put your full weight on your knee do not ignore your symptoms.


Without appropriate care to help the knee heal properly, long-term nerve tendon and ligament damage can result.  Also, if the knee is not functioning properly, other joints and areas such as the hip, lower back and ankle are also affected. If painful pops and snaps should occur, an evaluation by a doctor or chiropractor is highly recommended.

How Chiropractic Care Focused on Your Needs Benefits You?

With the help of X-rays, MRIs and evaluation, any of our Axcess chiropractors can review your report and pinpoint the exact cause of your knee pain and manipulate the bone structure appropriately. Manipulating and realigning the right bones and joints of your knee will alleviate tension and inflammation on the tendons, ligaments, muscles and connective tissues that cause knee pain.

With corrective chiropractic care, flexibility and range of motion can improve and be restored allowing your body to heal itself naturally with fast recovery time. With severe knee injuries, chiropractic care may not be enough, and we will always be sure to refer you to a certified and trustworthy specialist who can help you make a full recovery.

Along with Chiropractic care there are other options including Acupuncture for knee pain, Ozone therapy or injections for knee pain, and massage for knee pain. At Axcess Accident Center there are 4 locations in Utah. Ranging from Salt Lake County to Utah County.

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