Sleep is one of the most vital components of being healthy, feeling well, and living your extraordinary life. Over time someone who suffers with chronic sleep deprivation can start to develop multiple health issues. These health complications due to sleep deprivation can include high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, depression, obesity, and reduced immune system. There are external dangers as well. These include falling asleep driving, work place accidents, and decreased perception and judgement.

Sleep is vital to a person being as healthy as possible. Many people look for sleep help through drugs and other alternatives. These can sometimes have very negative side effects. Some natural sleep alternatives like melatonin, valerian root, and passion flower can help, but sometimes people still have trouble calming the mind as well. NYXNYT has the ability to help calm the body and mind allowing the body the opportunity to get a deeper sleep.

NYXNYT is a full spectrum cannabis extract CBD gummie. This formula combines 120 mg of CBD and 5mg of THC giving the less than .3% of THC to make it available without the need for a medical card. This gummie uses Delta 9 THC in the delivery process. When CBD and THC is combined they can have a synergistic effect. Some people report taking lots of CBD alone without getting the relaxing or decrease in pain that they are looking for. More often customers of NYXNYT are reporting decreased pain, a more restful sleep, and feeling calm. If a person has tried other CBD with THC gummies, then they will want to try this one for sure. Learn more about NYXNYT and when using this link or code (axcess) you can get an additional discount. Stop waiting to get great sleep. Try NYXNYT and see how tranquil sleep can be.


NYXNYT is sold in some Axcess Accident Center locations as well. Call your local AAC clinic and see if they have some in stock and see how this sleep alternative can help you in your quest for calm relaxing sleep. – 801-701-8222

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