Axcess Accident Center is proud to announce that they have been voted Best Of State in Sports Rehabilitation. This is such a honor to be at the forefront of sports rehab. We previously won in 2022 as well. We continue to strive in our efforts to be the best in the Chiropractic and Rehab industry. We work with sports teams, players and athletes to help keep them at their peak physical condition. We know that living your extraordinary life requires a help to keep your body running and feeling great.

Chiropractic is often related to these 5 things:

  1. Relief from pain: Chiropractic adjustments can help alleviate pain and discomfort caused by auto accident injuries, such as whiplash, back pain, and neck pain.
  2. Improved range of motion: Chiropractic care can also help improve range of motion in the affected areas by reducing inflammation and promoting healing.
  3. Non-invasive treatment: Many people appreciate that chiropractic care is a non-invasive treatment option that doesn’t require surgery or medication.
  4. Holistic approach: Chiropractic care takes a holistic approach to healing, addressing not just the physical symptoms of an injury but also the underlying causes.
  5. Personalized treatment plans: Chiropractors often create personalized treatment plans for each patient based on their unique needs, which can be helpful for those recovering from injuries.

In our clinics we offer more than just Chiropractic. We also offer Massage Therapy, Ozone injections, Decompression therapy (herniated or buldging disc treatment), Acupuncture, Alpha-Stim, and can use an activator as needed. We find that through multiple approaches we are often able to find solutions to the problems that each patient presents in our clinics. We treat many auto accident patients along with sports injuries, pain, headaches, and back pain. We find that through specific treatment plans we can often get the results our patients want. We know that choosing the best chiropractor for your injury or pain is very important. This is why we strive to be the best Chiropractic clinic in Utah. Best of State is one of many awards that Axcess Accident Center has won over the years.

Each of our Chiropractors are certified in acupuncture and in ozone injections. This allows for patients to go to any of our 4 locations in Utah and get the same care. We love making a difference for our patients and giving them a 5 star Chiropractic experience.

Axcess Accident Center has locations in American Fork, Provo, Spanish Fork, and West Valley. Each location in Utah provides Chiropractic Care and more:

American Fork, UT – Chiropractic Treament, Massage, Acupuncture, Decompression Therapy, Rehab Therapies, & Ozone Injections are all available from Dr. Tyler Gagon and Dr. Adam Anderson. Axcess Accident Center of American Fork is a leading chiropractor in the American Fork, UT chiropractors directory on

Provo, UT – Chiropractic Treament, Massage, Acupuncture, Decompression Therapy, Rehab Therapies, & Ozone Injections are all available from Dr. Stephen Jones & Dr. Steve Baker

Spanish Fork, UT – Chiropractic Treament, Massage, Acupuncture, Decompression Therapy, Rehab Therapies, & Ozone Injections are all available from Dr. Andy White. Axcess Accident Center of Spanish Fork is a leading chiropractor in the Spanish Fork, UT chiropractors directory on

West Valley City, UT – Chiropractic Treament, Massage, Acupuncture, Decompression Therapy, Rehab Therapies, & Ozone Injections are all available from Dr. Quin Madsen. Axcess Accident Center of West Valley is a leading chiropractor in the West Valley City, UT chiropractors directory on

Learn more about Axcess Accident Center at or call us at 801-701-8222

We have been voted the Best Chiropractic Clinic in Utah Valley from the Daily Herald & Utah Valley 360 for multiple years in a row. Along with that in 2022 & 2023 we were voted Best of State in Utah for Sports Rehabilitation. We look forward to helping each patient “Live Your Extraordinary Life”

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