Whether it is a sports injury or an injury from a fall or a fender bender, seeking chiropractic treatment can help in healing your body. Even minimal force car accidents can influence your mobility, and muscles, and we encourage you to get care sooner than later. 

Any kind of injury puts a lot of strain on the body which in the beginning might seem to be minimal. But after a few days the stiffness, soreness, and the pain begin. This is when most people visit the chiropractor.

So, what are the different reasons for visiting a chiropractor after an injury? 

1. Natural Healing – No Medication

Pain medication does offer relief but remember these are not without side effects. If you have a deep muscle injury or sprain, medication is not going to help. Medications might help reduce the pain for a short time, but they will not treat the source of your pain, it will only mask it. Prescription pain medication can be addictive and should only be used for a short period of time. 

Visiting a chiropractor to treat your injuries and pain is one of the best ways to eliminate issues without the use of pain medication. 

2. Reduce Inflammation

One of the most common reasons for seeing a chiropractor is to treat inflammation. Inflammation is especially common after an injury. There might be strains, sprains, micro-tears, or soreness in the muscles and ligaments. These injuries do not show up on X-rays but can cause immense discomfort and pain. This is where a chiropractor can help

An experienced chiropractor can realign your bones, including your neck and spine. This process releases inflammatory chemicals that help the body repair damaged tissues and reduce the pain you are experiencing along with inflammation. A chiropractic adjustment gives you relief in a natural and with our integrative care approach can help you get on the path to the best recovery after an accident. 

Did you know that if you are injured in a car accident you will pay nothing out of pocket to get treatment at an Axcess Accident Center?

3. Find and Treat Invisible Injuries

Suppose you had an accident – you are feeling fine right now but after the next day or so you start feeling worse, stiff, or even extremely tired. Many people do not have visible injuries after an accident, but soon after the shock wears off they develop pain and difficulty doing the things they usually do with ease.  Injuries such as bruises, scratches, swelling, or even broken bones are easy to see and identify immediately. However, others like whiplash, concussion, along with back or neck pain aren’t as obvious.

Whiplash can surface a few hours or a few days of after an accident. We advise not waiting until symptoms show up to see a chiropractor. There are many injuries which might seem minor, but can become much larger if left untreated. Visit a chiropractor and get yourself checked for invisible injuries as soon as possible, even if you are not feeling any kind of pain.

4. Decrease Scar Tissue 

After an injury, scar tissue can build up after a wound heals. Although it is something that many people live with, scar tissue can be uncomfortable and hinder your mobility. Breaking up scar tissue can be essential to your body’s recovery and restoring your range of motion. A chiropractor will use specific techniques that will break down the scar tissue built up in the soft tissue areas of your body such as the legs, lower back, and neck. 

5. Non-Invasive Treatment

Many people choose chiropractic treatment because it is a non-invasive treatment method. Chiropractic adjustments in our integrative care approach can help reduce the chance of needing surgery and reduce the chance of long-term chronic pain. While some injuries will require surgery, there are many things you can do before you go to a more invasive treatment plan.  In fact, seeking help from a chiropractor just after an incident is far more affordable than surgery right away. 

Chiropractors can effectively realign your joints or spine which promotes the healing of your injuries. Your chiropractor will design a treatment plan that will target the source of your injury as well as work with your primary care doctor to create the most effective approach for your healing.

How a Chiropractor Can Help?

Chiropractors are specialists – they are extensively trained to treat patients in many ways. The chiropractors at Axcess Accident Center are trained and specialize in injury recovery, regardless of the injury. We also have extensive experience treating and helping individuals and families here in Utah get better after a car accident. We ensure high quality healing and help to reduce pain, and long term complications that arise with car accidents. Our team will work with you and target the source of the pain through chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, e-stim, acupuncture, alpha stim, along with other healing modalities. Our integrative care approach and techniques are effective in:

  • Restoring Mobility – There is a problem with mobility whenever there is soreness and stiffness in the body. With effective chiropractic treatment, patients can improve their mobility.
  • Relieving Pain – When patients visit a chiropractor, they receive help in recovering from soft-tissue injuries. Healing is fast – much sooner than recovering on your own, or taking medication. 
  • Promoting LongTerm Healing – When you seek treatment from a chiropractor, you do not have to worry about your long-term health, strength, and flexibility. We work with you and keep your needs in mind every step of the way to help you achieve the best recovery possible. 

Our Chiropractors can detect muscle weakness, soft-tissue damage, joint injuries, and even problems with range of motion. Remember, whether it is a minor injury or something more severe like a herniated disc or a whiplash – you have to treat it quickly for the best results.

If you have recently been in an accident, contact Axcess Accident Center today. We specialize in treating patients who have been in auto accidents and it will cost you nothing out of pocket to get the treatment you deserve. Call us today to schedule your appointment. 

We treat patients in 4 different locations: 

Provo, Utah 

American Fork, Utah 

West Valley, Utah 

and Spanish Fork, Utah 

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