Driving in Utah County, particularly Provo,  is always an adventure, but then you throw in some rain, snow, and ice and can get a little crazy. Suddenly, everyone is in a rush to get where they need to go with not enough time to get there. 

Any untypical road conditions can add stress to safe driving and getting where you need to already, and here are some tips to make it easier when it is snowy and icy. 

1. Look at the weather before you go to bed each night to plan ahead for extra time for potential driving delays. 

This will help you to plan ahead if you need to. It always takes longer than we think to clean off our car, and then drive to our destination. With a little bit of planning, you can get ahead rather than feel behind if it snows during the night. 

2. Always get good sleep. 

Driving when you are fatigued is never a good idea. Getting good sleep and rest before taking on winter weather is important reducing the risk of an accident because you are alert and ready to focus on driving. 

3. Always clean off your front and back windows completely. 

Sometimes we don’t clean our windows off fully in the winter to save time. While it may save some time it significantly increases your risk of being in an accident, or not stopping in time because you didn’t see something important. Having visibility is very important to prevent accidents.

4. Check your tires often. 

Sometimes with the change of temperature and irregularity of the temperature in Provo, your tire pressure will change based on how warm and cold it gets. It is very important to check your tires even if you have a car that has sensors. Checking them helps you keep them at the right pressure preventing a blown tire, or additional problems with traction. 

5. Keep your gas at half full to avoid a gas line freeze.

Keeping your gas tank at half full is always a good idea, but in the winter it is even better to keep it at half full to prevent any problems or challenges with your car or your engine. 

6. Don’t use your parking brake and don’t use cruise control. 

In icy conditions, using your parking brake will only have you slide. It will not help you gain traction to stop. Cruise control also limits your ability to maintain control if it is icy. It is always better to have the highest level of control in snowy conditions. 

7. Always use your seatbelt. 

Wearing your seatbelt increases your chance of being safe in an accident. Seatbelts save thousands of lives each day. Wearing your seat belt and making sure those who ride with you in the car, including your kids, will increase safety if you are in an accident.

8. Pump your brakes if you are struggling to stop. 

Stopping on ice can be tricky. When you pump your brakes if gives your tires a chance to get traction and slow down rather than having them be locked with a parking brake or by stomping on the brakes. 

9. Don’t drive distracted (Phone, Texting, Eating, Putting on Makeup, etc.)

Driving in winter weather can be tricky enough, but adding distraction to it can just make it even harder to be safe during the winter months.

Distracted driving is already the cause of thousands of accidents a day, and adding snow and ice only increases your risk of being in an accident. So if it is snowy or icy, do yourself and those on the road a favor put the phone down, and focus on driving. 

10. Always look and steer where you want to go.

In ice and snow, where you steer your car will follow. Being intentional in your driving even in snow and ice will help you be safe. When you are driving in snow and ice, it is ok to slow down and be sure not to overcorrect if you slide. Being precise in your steering will help you stay and go where you want to go. 

We hope that as you enjoy the snow this winter, you can take the time to slow down and also be safe.  Always be cautious as you drive. Car accidents do increase in inclement weather. You may be driving safely, but that sometimes does not help prevent an accident. 

If for any reason you or someone you know is in a car accident, don’t worry Axcess Accident Centers are here to help you and we can help you get the care you need to feel better.  We also can provide you with claims assistance and help you know what to do after an accident.  

Did you know that in Utah if you are in a car accident, and you are insured, you have basic medical coverage making it so that your treatment costs nothing out of pocket?

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