General Benefits of Massage 

Not only does massage feel good, massage therapy has some awesome benefits for your body. The biggest benefits of massage are: alleviate sore muscles and increase blood flow. 

One of the reasons that massages feel so good is how well it alleviates sore muscles. Whenever you need to visit a chiropractor, there are joints and bones that need to be realigned. However, your body is a well-functioning machine when it works together. Which means that if one part is not working properly, it affects other parts of the body too. 

When your joints get out of place, it can cause muscles around that joint to be sore, or stiff therefore contributing to your pain. Chiropractic adjustments will realign your joints and massage therapy can aid in bringing you some relief to the affected surrounding muscles. When you use integrative chiropractic care then you increase the benefits of the modalities you use because they complement one another.  

Another great benefit to massage therapy is increased blood flow. Better circulation is great for healthy muscles and sore ones. Better blood flow takes much needed nutrients and oxygen to your muscles. This already happens naturally in the body but when you get a massage, the relaxation plus the specific techniques used by a massage therapist will give your muscles the highest possibility for the benefits of more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. Massage therapy will address your sore or stiff muscles and empower them to get the nutrients and oxygen from your blood that they need in order to heal.

How is massage therapy different from a massage at the spa? 

While, both a spa massage, and a massage at Axcess Accident Center, are awesome, they are two very different massages. A spa massage is focused on relaxation and rejuvenation. In general, it’s main purpose is to make you feel relaxed and at ease. Massage therapy with Axcess is a little bit different. It is also relaxing but that is not our number one focus. 

Our primary goal is to use massage techniques that provide and aid in muscle healing and recovery. It is a very intentional massage with specific techniques because we spend our time focused on the areas related to your injury and what is causing you pain. While we can certainly do light massage our goal is to bring support to the muscles to  aid in the healing process. Giving time to these specific areas, allows your muscles to return to their original full range of motion. We use a wide variety of different massage techniques to help your joints and muscles work together better based on your unique injury.. 

Massage therapy is an important component of your integrative care at Axcess. Massage focused on injury recovery uses different techniques to empower your muscles to work together with your joints, ligaments, and bones. Our approach to massage therapy helps you to be able to make the best recovery after an injury, particularly after a car accident, which in turn empowers you to live your extraordinary life. 

How often should you get a massage? Why? 

Much like chiropractic work, frequency is an important factor in your recovery process when it comes to massage therapy. For the best results, we recommend that you start your recovery by coming back as often as a couple times a week to once a week, depending on the severity of your injury. Massage can also be a helpful component to maintaining your health, which is why they are part of our Advantage Memberships.

Both acute and chronic pain take time to heal properly. In order to keep you on the best healing process, it is important to stay consistent with your treatment. Scattered appointments make it difficult for your body to stay on its healing path. In the beginning, it is easy for your body to slip back out of alignment. This is extremely important to keep in mind when making your appointments because the more consistent your care and your appointments, the less likely it is for your acute pain to turn into chronic pain.

Pairing Massage with Chiropractic Care 

Your body is made up of several different moving parts working together to fully function. Chiropractic work focuses on the ligaments and bones of the body. However, that is not the only part of your body that can be affected in a car accident, or after an injury. Your muscles work very closely with your bones and can therefore, also be sorely affected. That is why massage therapy works best when paired with chiropractic work and vice versa. 

Chiropractic work gets your bones and ligaments back into place and then massage therapy soothes the muscles that those misaligned joints may have affected. And if you can also help the muscles to remain flexible then they won’t be causing your bones to move out of alignment. It is the perfect match to help your body work well together. 

Our Integrative Care Approach at Axcess

Our integrative care approach is designed to empower you to live an extraordinary life. We want you to have access to the most resources that will help you get back the life you deserve. An extraordinary life is life without chronic pain and a life where your health concerns actually get addressed. We do this by offering other services that work alongside chiropractic work for the most long term benefits. 

Most patients get adjustments and massages in their recovery process because it is the best chance for them to get back to doing what they love: living life pain free. Massage therapy, with the right massage therapist for you, is just the thing you need to get your best recovery after a car accident. Go back to living your best life by booking a free consultation with us today, and if you have been in a car accident in the last 45 days you can get a free 30 minute massage too! 

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