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The Official Chiropractor of the Provo Predators Hockey Team

Axcess Accident Center is excited to announce that they have teamed up with the Provo Predators Ice Hockey Team. Their home is at the Seven Peaks Ice Arena in Provo. We are excited to bring Chiropractic as a rehab option and as a health service that will allow the...

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Sleep Better with NYXNYT CBD Full Spectrum Cannabis Gummie

Sleep is one of the most vital components of being healthy, feeling well, and living your extraordinary life. Over time someone who suffers with chronic sleep deprivation can start to develop multiple health issues. These health complications due to sleep deprivation...

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Ozone Injections for Headaches

Headaches are painful and can stop a person from living their extraordinary life. Headaches effect 50% of people at least once per year. It is said that if you have less than two a week then you are normal. If headaches are more than twice a week that is not normal....

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Auto Accident Treatment in Utah

T-Boned? Side Swiped? Rear-ended? Head on? There are lots of collision and auto accident types. Each one has its own complications and will cause injury in the musculoskeletal system. This includes the muscles, bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons. Each person is...

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Summer Savings 2022 Axcess Accident Center

Who loves to save up to 45% off normal prices? What about saving money and feeling healthier? Check out Axcess Accident Center summer savings. Our Summer Savings are coming up at the end of July! Get registered and don't miss the Cyber Events happening between July...

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Alpha Stim: Relaxing, Meditation, Rest Is All About The Waves

The brain is constantly using electricity to communicate between the cells in it called neurons. These electrical signals and activity are measured and detected as waves. These waves, or electrical activity shift as it processes information, experiences, and feelings....

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Insomnia has Treatment Options

Suffering from Insomnia should not be a battle that is done alone. At Axcess Accident Center we offer multiple options to treat insomnia and the effects of it. Alpha Stim, Acupuncture, Adjustments, Nutrition, and even CBD can all help. Chronic Insomnia effects up to...

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Why Should I get Adjusted & get a Massage?

A massage and chiropractic appointment seem like two services that are so different they shouldn’t be paired together. Chiropractors align the body, while massages offer relaxation and stress relief, but what if we told you that...

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American Fork Chiropractor

Axcess Accident Center is a healthcare clinic located in American Fork, Utah, that provides specialized care for individuals who have been involved in automobile accidents or other types of personal injury incidents. Along with that they offer care for chiropractic...

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Top 6 Benefits of Massage Therapy

When we think of a massage we generally envision a calm day in a spa or massage parlor to get away from the hustle and bustle of life; what many don’t know is that massage therapy is widely accepted as a method of rehabilitation therapy due to its ability to...

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What to Expect in a Massage

In simple terms, at a massage therapy appointment, the therapist will use either his/her hands or specially dedicated tools to steadily knead, rub, press, and manipulate muscles to stimulate circulation, but sometimes simple terms just don’t cut it. For those of you...

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Massage Therapy & Injury Recovery

General Benefits of Massage  Not only does massage feel good, massage therapy has some awesome benefits for your body. The biggest benefits of massage are: alleviate sore muscles and increase blood flow.  One of the reasons that massages feel so good is how...

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