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Are There Long Term Impacts of Whiplash?

Whiplash is a fairly common injury. When you get in a car accident, your neck can get jerked around in a rapid motion that causes a number of painful symptoms resulting in whiplash. However, many people may not even realize they have whiplash and it can often go...

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What to Do if you are in a Car Accident?

Car crashes are an unfortunate fact of life, and a risk we take every day when we choose to drive. Being aware of what steps to take can make a big difference in the aftermath of a crash. These steps are especially important if your car accident resulted in injury and...

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Top 9 Symptoms of Whiplash

Whiplash is a largely disregarded issue mostly because it is widely misunderstood. This, however, does not make it any less important. Whiplash is a painful sensation in the neck caused by a car crash or any other accident that whips the head unexpectedly and jerks...

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Acupuncture- What is it and How Can it Help You in Recovery

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine practice in which very thin needles are inserted at various depths into the skin at strategic points on your body. Typically used to treat pain, it is becoming an increasingly more common treatment for overall health and...

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Summer Party Specials

Summer Savings and Summer Parties are here! May 21st is the First of 4 summer parties and savings events. Friday, May 21st we have Street Tacos by Don Joaquin for lunch, Prizes, and amazing deals on memberships & services. We also have 4 vendors who are helping...

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How Long Should I Wait to Get Treatment for Whiplash?

Most patients don’t understand the difference between each of their injuries and also how and when to get them treated. Well we’re here to help you with that! This article will focus on whiplash — one of the most common car accident injuries — and when to get it...

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How to Treat Whiplash?

Axcess Accident Center has many treatment methods in our integrative approach in order to help you fully recover from whiplash. These treatments include chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, decompression therapy, and rehabilitation therapy because together these...

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What is Whiplash and What to Do About it?

What is whiplash?  Whiplash is known as injury to the neck due to a sudden distortion or extension of the neck when the neck experiences a sudden acceleration-deceleration motion. Muscles in the neck and back are overextended and can lead to symptoms from mild to...

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Top 7 Symptoms Chiropractors Can Treat

After a car accident, it can be hard to know when to visit the chiropractor. Symptoms of injuries that require chiropractic care are harder to recognize than other injuries or maladies. However, that doesn’t make it any less important. These injuries can often lead to...

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How Long Does it Take to Make a Full Recovery?

How long will your recovery take? How long does it take to recover from a car accident? At Axcess Accident Center, we want to give you the best treatment for your injuries. With that in mind, we estimate that it can take between three and six months to fully recover...

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Range of Motion After an Accident – Why it is Important

Range of Motion: What is it? Range of motion is the extent of movement of each joint in the human body. Our bodies have so many capabilities especially when it comes to our range of motion. This is because our skeleton is being pushed and pulled by the muscles and...

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Why See a Chiropractor After a Car Accident?

Get the Best Recovery You Can The technological world is advancing quickly and cars are no exception. With every new model, cars are getting more and more safety features. However, cars have yet to be developed far enough to be able to defy physics. Newton’s first law...

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Can a Chiropractor Help Me with Chronic Neck Pain?

Chronic neck pain has become a common problem with the daily use of smartphones and constant computer work. Whiplash, a specific type of neck pain is also the most reported type of pain after a car accident. Often when traditional medicine cannot resolve neck pain,...

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