Whiplash  – it is a neck injury which is caused mainly due to a forceful back and forth motion of the neck. It often occurs when someone has been in a car crash that caused a sudden acceleration or deceleration motion of the neck. The neck extends and flexes quite rapidly due to the impact of the car crash. You can get whiplash from any level of force in a car accident, even what we would consider a “fender bender” so pay attention to the symptoms even if you were only hit at 5 mph. 

With whiplash, there is a strain or sprain of different neck ligaments or muscles. However, in many situations, it does affect the vertebrae, the discs and also the nerves of the neck. Those who experience a headache which begins just at the base of the skull and is usually after a car accident, or other impact injury, could be whiplash. 

Whiplash Symptoms

Whiplash does cause a headache and other symptoms which include back discomfort, shoulder pain, neck stiffness and fatigue. Immediately after any car accident, you should be evaluated by your doctor or chiropractor. Whiplash symptoms can set in after a few hours or a few days. 

 Whiplash Symptoms Include:

  • stiffness of neck
  • limited motion of the neck
  • dizziness
  • headache
  • irritability
  • disturbed sleep
  • fatigue
  • shoulder and back pain
  • blurred vision
  • depression

People suffering from a whiplash headache experience pain that starts at the base of their skull and typically it starts to intensify as it moves up the neck, and head.  Some people also have pain on either side of the head and towards the back. There are many people who get symptoms all over their head. Other patients experience pain on their forehead and behind their eyes.

Whiplash headaches are usually aggravated by movements of the neck, especially when the person looks up, or turns their head left or right. Headaches as a symptom of whiplash are extremely common, and are generally associated with shoulder and neck pain. 

Whiplash Headache Diagnosis

Though whiplash headaches can resolve on their own in a few weeks, if the symptoms are persistent or they worsen over 48 hours after an accident, it is important to contact a chiropractor or doctor immediately. The sooner you visit a chiropractor who specializes in auto accident treatment recovery  order to be diagnosed with whiplash headache, the individual should experience some kind of whiplash injury and then develop a headache within a few days of the specific injury.

During the examination, the doctor will ask a number of questions to assess any injury and order an X-ray or an MRI for those with any other neurological problems. 

Treatment Options

As mentioned before, all symptoms of whiplash tend to go away in two to three weeks. Icing the neck and other affected areas is usually recommended after the injury. If the neck is iced for at least 10 minutes daily it will help reduce inflammation and pain. It is important you have the support and resources you need including stretches, and other tools to reduce acute pain. Other physical treatments for whiplash and whiplash-related headaches include massages, stretching, acupuncture, and chiropractic care. If you do not seek out care you can run the risk of chronic neck pain. 

Also at Axcess if you experience whiplash after an injury you pay nothing out of pocket to get treatment or care. 

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How Exercises Can Help

There are a number of exercises which help patients suffering from whiplash headaches,, the simplest exercise is turning the neck.

Neck Turn: This exercise involves making different lateral turns. For a neck turn, you can stand straight. You can again slowly turn your back to the right. As you feel the neck muscles pulling, you can get back to the normal position. You need to do the same to your left. Repeat this at least 10times in a day and for both sides. It will help in reducing whiplash related headaches.

How a Chiropractor Can Help?

An Axcess chiropractor will evaluate the spine in totality, even if you visit us just for neck pain. Your entire spine is evaluated since the whole spine can be affected and not the neck region only. The chiropractor can easily identify the different areas of pain, or the areas of restricted joint movement, ligament injury,, and muscle spasms. 

The chiropractor often uses a technique known as static palpation which involves feeling your spine. The chiropractor checks for any kind of prevailing tenderness or tightness in the muscles. Once the diagnosis is done, maneuvers are carried out which helps improve the condition.

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