Utah Chiropractor Care for Seniors

If you are looking for a Utah chiropractor for a senior family member, Axces Accident Center has your loved one covered! The benefits of chiropractic care are numerous, particularly for the elder. As we age, our bones, tissues, and ligaments begin to break down. Wear and tear over the years can lead to chronic pain that makes everyday activities uncomfortable. Fortunately, chiropractic care can ease and even eliminate many of these pains by readjusting the body to a comfortable and more natural state. For the eldery, frequent chiropractic treatment can:

  • Offer Pain Relief - The number one benefit of chiropractic care is pain relief. Most seniors already have a long list of medications and adding pain medicine to the list is unnecessary when chiropractic care is utilized. Chiropractors are trained to find and address abnormalities in the spine and other areas that cause stress and pain.

  • Increase Range of Motion - Correcting abnormalities or tightness in the body can lead to increased range of motion in the extremities. For the elderly, this means more freedom and an improved day to day.

  • Improve Balance - As people age, degenerative changes to the cervical spine can lead to balance problems. For the elderly, this means a greater risk of falling or trouble walking without the assistance of a cane or walker. Chiropractors are able to address these cervical spine issues and improve the balance and coordination of elderly patients.

  • Decrease Chances of Falling - With improved balance comes decreased chance of falling. For the elderly population, falls can be downright dangerous (and sometimes fatal when the fallen individual is unable to receive assistance in time). Chiropractors can prescribe elderly patients physical therapy exercises they can perform at home to further improve strength and balance.

  • Increase Overall Well Being - Decreased pain and an improvement to balance and strength are just a few of the benefits that chiropractic care offers for senior. At the least, these benefits improve the wellbeing of seniors and at the best can save their lives. If you or someone you know could benefit from a Utah chiropractor, reach out to Axcess Accident Center today.

At Axcess Accident Center, our goal is to offer our patients healing for a pain free life. Seniors deserve a pain and stress free life more than anyone. Our Utah chiropractors are experienced in working with patients of all ages. Contact us today for more information.

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What patients can expect

We focus on customer satisfaction and customer experience. Our #1 goal is to give our patients a 5 star experience each time they walk through our doors while improving their health overall. We have won awards driven solely from customer feedback, and we are proud of the best in class reputation we have built.

I've been a patient for about a month now and have seen huge improvement in my back pain. The staff is friendly and the office is clean and inviting. I've already recommended various friends and family members.
— Brendon Rudd, Posted July 31st 2019 on Google
Felix Encinas, me hablo de la clínica, y me dijo que afuera para que me trataran de un dolor de la espalda y me ayudaron.El doctor y el servicio es recomendable.
— Maria Chavez, Posted July 27th 2019 on Google
The staff are always friendly and service is quick. I really like going to this chiropractor. There are pretty much always two chiropractors in the office at the same time which is nice.
— Kelsey Cook, Posted July 27th 2019 on Google
This place is so awesome. Everyone is nice and Welcoming. Dr. Jones is amazing. He worked wonders on my back.
— LaShawn Jennings, Posted July 25th 2019 on Google
These guys (and gals) are absolutely fantastic. I've been going to chiropractors since I was very little. Baker Chiropractic is my favourite so far. They've fixed or helped tremendously with any problems I've had and they're always super courteous and very kind when I go in. They're always quick to see me, too. They ha...
— Evan Heywood, Posted July 25th 2019 on Google
They are great everyone is super nice and super professional
— David Martinez, Posted July 25th 2019 on Google
— meghan van wie, Posted July 25th 2019 on Google
— Roxanna Barrios, Posted July 18th 2019 on Google
Amazing group of people over here. Had some great work done for my back. I’ve had back problems for a long time and getting massaged and adjusted there is very relieving. Shout out to Nikolle and Dr. Mike as well as the entire crew.
— Aliya Biren, Posted July 18th 2019 on Google
Amy is my favorite therapist there!!! She is a very affective massage therapist! She also has terrific knowledge of her job!
— Evelyn Lara, Posted July 18th 2019 on Google
I have been going to Axcess for the past 2 years. After each visit I leave feeling phenomenal. I have been adjusted by every chiropractor in the office, I am confident that any one of them will get me back in alignment during my visit. One of the things I enjoy most about Axcess is the many treatment options they provi...
— Tim, Posted July 18th 2019 on Google
Everything was very well explained to me and they made me feel really comfortable with the entire process of it all! I recommend this place to anyone in pain.
— Alonso O'Brien, Posted July 18th 2019 on Google
I’ve been coming here since my car accident in June and I have been satisfied every time! Matt the massage therapist worked on me today and it was the first time I felt significant relief from my headache in 2 weeks. And Dr.Jones did an amazing job and took his time. I’d recommend them for sure.
— Victoria Chatterton, Posted July 11th 2019 on Google
Both my spouse and myself have back pain, it was nice to be able to book a massage and adjustment for both. A very nice and clean office, massage chair room quite and serene while waiting for an adjustment. Pretty flexible schedule but the schedules fill up quick, Michaela was awesome, she did myself and my hubs and of...
— Hilary B, Posted July 11th 2019 on Google
Access always helps me out when I get injured.
— Justin Delgado, Posted July 11th 2019 on Google
— Ryan Peterson, Posted July 11th 2019 on Google
Axcess Chiropractic is on of my favorite places to go when I'm experiencing pain or discomfort.I love that they have a variety of methods to heal your body. Acupuncture. MassageTherapy. Taping. And chiropractic work.The people who work here are friendly, proficient and help you understand what you can do to continue yo...
— Andrea Hill, Posted July 4th 2019 on Google
Axcess helped with my back and pelvic pain during my recent pregnancy. The customer service is great. Dr. Freece aligned my low back and gave me stretches and exercises to do at home. Joe, Michaela, and Sharon where all amazing massage therapists and knew exactly where my problem spots were. I would recommend Axcess to...
— Mikyla Davis, Posted July 4th 2019 on Google
Nice facility with a caring staff. Dr. Jones is awesome!
— Brian Kingery, Posted July 4th 2019 on Google
— michael gull, Posted July 4th 2019 on Google

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