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When searching for an “injury chiropractor near me in Utah,” consider Axcess Accident Center. If you’re suffering from any kind of chronic pain and are in need of a chiropractic adjustment, reach out to get an accurate diagnosis and customized treatment plan. Whether your pain is due to accidents or medical conditions, a chiropractic adjustment can restore the motion in your joints, reduce mechanical stress, and reduce or alleviate headaches, pinched nerves, muscle, back, joint and neck pain.

At Axcess Accident Center a skilled, local chiropractor will accurately diagnose the cause of your pain and provide the most effective chiropractic treatment plan possible. Our chiropractic adjustments will include carefully applied pressure, massage and manual manipulation of joints and vertebrae. This manual manipulation of the spine reduces pain and improves the physical function of the body. By properly treating the spine, specifically the lumbar or lower back region, our chiropractors are able to maximize the rewards while minimizing any risk involved.

Free 30 Minute Massage

If you've been in a car accident within the past 45 days

What patients can expect

We focus on customer satisfaction and customer experience. Our #1 goal is to give our patients a 5 star experience each time they walk through our doors while improving their health overall. We have won awards driven solely from customer feedback, and we are proud of the best in class reputation we have built.

I am so grateful for the amazing professionals at Axcess. A few weeks ago I was in so much discomfort it was greatly impacting my quality of life. But with regular adjustments, and the help and knowledge of the doctor's, my health has finally turned a corner! Thank you so much for helping me reclaim my health.
— Rose Stearns, Posted October 1st 2019 on Google
— Eimy Lopez, Posted October 1st 2019 on Google
We came after a friend recommended it and the service was excellent. Even without an appointment we were seen right away. The atmosphere was very professional. The tense unit was nice but the adjustment was the real deal like really good! Both my husband and I felt very good afterwards and it helped him with some back ...
— Sara Lina, Posted September 28th 2019 on Google
This place is awesome. Everyone is super friendly and remembers your name. Dr Jones is fantastic and all the therapists are too!
— Chuck Watson, Posted September 27th 2019 on Google
These guys are amazing and know what they’re doing. Professional and their attention to their clients is second to none. Carrie is always so kind Thank you Axcess!
— Justin Hall, Posted September 26th 2019 on Google
Great docs! They listen and do their best to attend to the needs of the patients. I received great adjustments and it didn’t feel rushed.
— Scott Rasmussen, Posted September 26th 2019 on Google
Wow just wow! The service here is amazing the receptionists are so nice and welcoming. Let’s not forget how great of a job the chiropractors do. Best place to go if your back needs help. Massage chairs a fan fave for sure!!
— Natalie Rodriguez, Posted September 25th 2019 on Google
I went to Dr Stephen D Jones after discussion of what was some problems, he took the time to explain how it could be relieved! I did stem and cupping with an adjustment. I walked away without lower back pain it made day and night difference. I have been back several times and always ask for him!
— R. Travis Aitken, Posted September 24th 2019 on Google
Always feeling better after my adjustments and made the process after my accident super easy!
— Colton Barney, Posted September 24th 2019 on Google
GUYS. Baker Chiropractic is awesome. Everyone is chill and I always feel comfortable. I love to talk a lot about what is causing me pain and I ask a lot of questions. The doctors are so patient with me and give me all the answers. They don’t just adjust me and move on, they make sure I feel better. And their offices ...
— Kathleen Seay, Posted September 24th 2019 on Google
I love this place! The staff is wonderful. They are very willing to listen to any concerns and help answer any questions I have. I love getting adjusted and to top it all off the smell of the office is amazing :)
— Emory Moline, Posted September 24th 2019 on Google
Great experience after my car accident. Both the doc at the west valley location and all the docs at the provo location were top notch. Plus the Advocates attorneys were also excellent.
— David Cattell, Posted September 24th 2019 on Google
— B N, Posted September 24th 2019 on Google
Schedule Rhonda for a massage, she did exactly what I needed and checked in with me to make sure the pressure was okay and that everything was going smoothly. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
— Erica Sorenson, Posted September 17th 2019 on Google
I love going here. They’re always friendly and my muscles and body are way more relaxed afterwards.
— Briana Sawyer, Posted September 17th 2019 on Google
(Translated by Google) It has been an extraordinary experience to receive treatment here with highly qualified personnel, from my point of view the difference lies in Los Altos standards of quality and service. I have been a patient with facial paralysis for almost a year and after receiving the second session of acupu...
— JOSE BARRERA, Posted September 17th 2019 on Google
There is usually no to little wait and adjustments are usually just what I need. I feel like they care about me and my progress toward getting better. Would definitely recommend.
— Daniel Scott, Posted September 17th 2019 on Google
Dr Baker and his team are great. Best chiropractic service around. The office has a great atmosphere, the staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and great to work with. I left the office feeling great! I would recommend Dr Baker for your adjustment and chiropractic needs.
— David Keesler, Posted September 17th 2019 on Google
All the staff are awesome very nice and helpful
— Jason Lopez, Posted September 17th 2019 on Google
Steve Baker is a fantastic chiropractor. My back was in severe pain and Steve released the pain so easily. He went above and beyond even after hours to make sure my back was ok. Steve really cares about his customers. I would highly recommend Axess Accident Center in Provo to anyone. The office staff are really nice an...
— Tina Beck, Posted September 10th 2019 on Google

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Chiropractic Benefits

Chiropractic benefits can be enjoyed by individuals all across the spectrum of health. Whether you’re in relatively good or poor health, regular adjustments can help to restore balance inside the body, relieve pain for facet joint injuries and sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Patients have also reported feeling relief from other issues such as chronic headaches, sinus problems, high blood pressure, ear infections, leg pain and arthritis.

If you suffer from conditions such as low back pain, neck pain, headaches, sinus issues, or joint pain chiropractic care can help you. The spinal cord is comprised of many, highly sensitive and valuable nerves surrounded by discs, vertebrae, tendons, ligaments and muscles. Displacement of even one of these discs or vertebrae can result in immense pain and leave the spinal cord vulnerable to pressure and permanent nerve damage. By making adjustments to the bones in the spine regular joint motion will be restored and nerve interference along with pain and stress will be relieved.

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Expert Help

If you find yourself being unable to participate in your normal daily activities due to pain or swelling, let our expert chiropractors help. Keeping the joints loose and flexible is imperative to the healing processes. An Axcess chiropractor in Utah can use adjustments to improve the flexibility of the joints in affected areas, reduce the swelling and tightness of muscles, and ease the tension and strains that injury places on tendons and ligaments. Chiropractic adjustments are performed in the clinic and a patient can be adjusted from once to multiple times per week depending on the seriousness of the condition so that pain can be alleviated.

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